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Welcome! We are a new group dedicated to Gravity Falls.

Just like any group, we have rules.

:bulletblue: NO BULLYING. You will be removed from the group.

:bulletred: Please put mature filters on your work, as needed.

:bulletblue: Please submit submissions to the appropriate folders

:bulletred: Keep it appropriate- no flaming or bad language on our main page.

:bulletblue: And MOST importantly, HAVE FUN!

and tell all your friends about us, too!

msirukacullen awayyyy!
Gravity Falls was recently announced by (yes, the REAL) Alex Hirsch that it would be ending after two more episodes:

Final episodes:
SPECIAL: Disney XD Special - Gravity Falls exclusive facts (February 8th at 8pm)
618G-221: Weirdmageddon 3 (FEBRUARY 15th at 7PM)

The official tag is #GravityFinale. You may use this and post some fan art as a way to say farewell to the crew and thank them for all their work.
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You like gravity falls? We like gravity falls! What is HAPPENING here?
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Dipper Steps Up: Chapter 13
Chapter 13

Chuck had a quick word as the Panthers ran to the dugout: "Guys! Two runs! Can we do this?"
A chorus of "Yeah!" came back.
Chuck shook his head. "I can't hear that! Tell me we can do this!"
At his side, Mabel raised her hand. "One! Two! Three!"
And as she swept her hand down, everyone yelled out together: "WE CAN DO THIS!"
Chuck grinned. "Jon J, step up to the plate!" But as the pitcher walked deliberately out, testing three bats before choosing one, Chuck said quietly to Dipper, "What's wrong?"
"Huh?" Dipper had been sweeping the grandstand with an anxious gaze. "Uh. Nothing. Just—you know, trying to see where . . . people are sitting."
"Keep your head in the game," Chuck said, slapping him on the shoulder. "Remember that!"
Dipper settled on the bench. I'll be up after Jon J and X-man. What if I screw it all up in front of Wendy?
After the first pitch—a called strike—it took Jon J only thirty seconds to end his turn at bat,
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Dipper Steps Up: Chapter 12
Chapter 12

From the Journals of Dipper Pines: Friday, May 16—Well, really it's nearly Saturday—11:50 p.m. and I'm still not asleep. Man, I have neglected this Journal! It's been a long time since I've written anything, so let me see what I need to say to catch up a little.
OK, to start with, I was ready to pack it in after that miserable game against the Pirates. Coach Waylund knew something was up and he told me to come and talk about whatever it was—but after the weekend, on Monday. He wouldn't let me just quit then and there.
So, on the drive home I told Mom and Dad that I wanted to quit. Dad sort of shrugged it off, but Mom said, "If you do, you're going to regret it later. You'd better think about that."
And the moment we were alone together, Mabel grabbed me by both shoulders and shook me. "Broseph! You CAN'T quit! You—are—NOT—a—quitter!"
I pushed away from her. "I'm not any good. Even wh
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Dipper Steps Up: Chapter 11
Chapter 11

Wendy tiptoed downstairs early the next morning and woke Dipper. "Hey, dude," she said, sitting on the sofa next to where he lay huddled in a blanket. "Wanna go for a walk and show me your nabe?"
"Uh—what?" Dipper asked, holding onto the blanket a little more tightly.
"Your neighborhood, man!" Wendy said, grinning. "See, I've only ever been to California like three times before this, and we never got anywhere near as far south as the Bay area. I wanna see where you live."
"S-sure," Dipper said. "Where are my, uh, jeans?"
"Here ya go."
He took them. "Th-thanks. If, uh, you know, you might want to step into the hall—"
"C'mon, man! I got three brothers! I gotta take you campin' so you can get over some of these hang-ups! Or—hey, don't tell me you sleep raw?" She playfully grabbed the blanket, and he held on to make sure she couldn't yank it down.
She flipped it up instead. "Yup," she said. "I kinda figured you for a tighty-whitey guy. Get y
:iconfairlyoddfan2010:fairlyoddfan2010 1 1
Dipper Steps Up: Chapter 10
Chapter 10

Dipper strained to move—to yell, anything. He felt as if his brain had just disconnected from his muscles. Oh, he could still feel—he still hugged Mabel, and he could feel her breathing, feel her exhalations warm on his neck. But he couldn't move, not an inch.
Chuck walked slowly, chanting in that bizarre buzzy insect-like way, step by step. The sun had nearly touched the horizon. Not much time, not much time—
"Guh!" Mabel had managed a grunt!
He tried to call her name but got out only a moaning Muh sound.
"Pah!" she said.
Nathaniel's attention must be on his chant. Maybe his spell is weakening. If I can just—uhhh—no, still can't move—
"Pah! Pah!" Mabel whispered in his ear.
Just move my foot, just get a start—
"Paht! Paht!"
It hit him then. Maybe the force needed to overcome the dark magic spell wasn't willpower. Maybe it was as simple as his wanting to protect his siste
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Dipper Steps Up: Chapter 9
Chapter 9

A police car had parked in the driveway of the Taylor house. Dipper rang the doorbell, and Mabel answered the ring. "They're in back talking to Chuck's parents right now," she said. "I've already told them what happened."
The Taylors sat side by side at the dining-room table, holding hands, while two plainclothes policemen sat opposite them. As Dipper and Mabel came into the room, he saw that one was tall and built like an athlete, with oddly hooded eyes that made him look almost Asian, the other shorter, more heavy-set, and completely bald. The taller one asked, "Is there any close friend that your son might go to hide out with?" His words sounded businesslike, but the tone was warm.
Mr. Taylor said, "He's got a lot of friends. He's on the high-school baseball team, and sometimes his friends come here and sometimes he goes to their houses. Now and then one of them might spend the night here, or Chuck might do the same at their house. But I don't think any of them wou
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Dipper Steps Up: Chapter 8
Chapter 8
Dipper and Mrs. Taylor ran to the stair, Dipper in the lead. He tore up ahead of her to the second floor and tried to open Chuck's door and found it locked. "Mabel!"
From inside the room came Mabel's frantic voice: "Dipper! Something's wrong with—"
"Go away!"
Dipper heard Mrs. Taylor gasp. The voice was Chuck's but then again it didn't sound a bit like Chuck's normal tone—lower, grating, more guttural. Dipper pounded on the door. "Come on, this isn't funny! Open up!"
He flinched as a shattering crash of glass came from the far side. Mabel screamed. Dipper threw himself against the door, bounced off, and went sprawling. He got up and charged the door again—
And bowled over Mabel, who'd just thrown the door open. They tumbled to the floor together. Mabel waved her arm wildly. "He broke the window!"
"Chuck!" Mrs. Taylor yelled, stepping over and around the two fallen Mystery Twins. "What—where is he?"
"He broke the window!" Mabel said again, gettin
:iconfairlyoddfan2010:fairlyoddfan2010 3 0
Dipper Steps Up: Chapter 7
Chapter 7
Later that afternoon, Dipper and Mabel walked over to the Taylors' house. When Mrs. Taylor answered the doorbell, Dipper took a good look at her, and Mabel had been right—add twenty years to Pacifica, trim her hair, and she'd look almost exactly like Chuck's mom. "How is he?" Mabel asked.
"Resting," she said quietly. "Let me see if he's asleep. He'd probably like to have you visit him if he isn't."
She went up the stairs, came back to the top, and beckoned them. Chuck's bedroom was on the corner of the house, with two windows, one looking out on the back yard. Dipper glanced down at a basketball goal and, off near the rear fence, a home-made contraption: a sheet of plywood stood on end on a framework. A rectangular hole in it puzzled him, until he saw that nearly fifty feet toward the house a pitcher's mound had been heaped up, a white rubber pitcher's plate mounted in it. Then he realized what the plywood was: It's a target! Chuck practices pitching, and
:iconfairlyoddfan2010:fairlyoddfan2010 2 1
Dipper Steps Up: Chapter 6
Chapter 6
When Wendy and Dipper left the Shack, the sun had just set. The night insects had not yet tuned up, but bats twittered overhead and out in the forest the woodpeckers, who didn't give up until the light was almost gone, drummed away. "Where are we going?" Dipper asked as they stepped off the trail.
"Into the woods," Wendy said. "You bring a flashlight, dude?"
"Yeah, I have one of the prototypes Grunkle Ford made."
"Good deal. I got the one I use camping. We'll need light on the way back."
In the gathering twilight they hiked on, uphill and down, skirting thickets of huckleberry, boggy growths of cobra lily, and stands of trailplant, threading their way through second-growth fir and pine forests, passing expanses of tree stumps and seedlings. "Dad logs all through here," Wendy said in one clearing, the air sharp with the scent of freshly-cut wood. She switched on her own flashlight and said, "Not far now."
Finally, they reached the cleared crown of a domed hill. S
:iconfairlyoddfan2010:fairlyoddfan2010 1 1
Dipper Steps Up: Chapter 5
Chapter 5

From the Journals of Dipper Pines: Saturday, February 15: . . . .Coach called for a doctor, but didn't find one, but there was nurse in the crowd, and she came over and checked Chuck out. His pulse and breathing were OK, and he came to in a couple of minutes. In a woozy voice, he said he thought he'd just got too excited, but he was shaky, and Coach drove him home. Mabel and I rode along and met his parents, Jim and Margaret Taylor.
They said he hadn't had any fainting spells before, and his dad promised to keep an eye on Chuck over the weekend and said he would take him in to the doctor on Monday for a check-up. Mabel kissed Chuck's cheek and told him she hoped he'd feel better soon.
Then Coach dropped Mabel and me off at our house—I didn't know it (Mabel probably did), but the Taylor family lives like a ten-minute walk away from us. She said she'd go over tomorrow afternoon and make sure he's feeling better.
Two things worry
:iconfairlyoddfan2010:fairlyoddfan2010 1 0
Dipper Steps Up: Chapter 4
Chapter 4
From the Journals of Dipper Pines: January 3, 2014: Well, here we are, back in Piedmont. It was nice to spend the week after Christmas in Gravity Falls with Grunkle Stan, Grunkle Ford, Soos, and Melody.
OK, OK, and Wendy. ESPECIALLY Wendy. She's been teasing me in her texts ever since she saw that awful picture of me on Peoplebook, but a couple days ago she said she wanted to have a serious talk with me: Was I sure I wanted to play baseball? Could I handle it if we didn't do so well? If I didn't get to play much would I be upset? Was I going to focus too much on the game and not enough on school?
I told her she was talking like an adult, and she said, "Well, ya know, I'm getting' there, dude!" But we exchanged gifts (sorry, Mabel, but what we gave each other is still our secret. Yes, I know you sneak in and read this journal sometimes!), and I asked, "Are you still looking forward to us coming back next summer?" And she gave me a little sho
:iconfairlyoddfan2010:fairlyoddfan2010 1 1
Dipper Steps Up: Chapter 3
Chapter 3

Dipper made two discoveries when Monday arrived: First, high-school freshmen were so determined not to be impressed by anything that, though some of them had seen Mabel's photo of him, the general reaction in home room was "Meh. I've seen funnier." The second discovery was that some of his teammates did give him strange looks.
One of them, sharing a table with Dipper during lunch period—Jayden Dufresne (or J.D.; he was the one guy on the team who didn't seem to think Dipper's real first name was odd)—said, "Dude, I saw the picture your sister posted online. Cut way down on the eyeblack, 'kay?"
"She put that on my face," Dipper confessed, his cheeks feeling hot. "It's kind of hard to tell Mabel not to do something. Well, and have it stick, anyway."
At that point Mabel, tray in hand, joined them at the table, sliding onto the seat next to Dipper. She was wearing a brand-new sweater, a Navy blue one embroidered with a baseball bat and ball. She nudged Dipper.
:iconfairlyoddfan2010:fairlyoddfan2010 1 1
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